A Valentine’s Day Gift From the Heart

In our house, Valentine’s Day isn’t a day about lavish gifts, chocolates and flowers, but we do try to do a little something in the spirit of the occasion. This year, my daughter and I decided to make a gift for my husband.

My daughter is in Kindergarten and has been learning to spell phonetically, so I decided to incorporate those skills in to our crafts.  Crafting and learning are the perfect combination.  I created a small “book” with my computer and printer, but you could also create the same thing with pencil and paper.  On each page I wrote the beginning of a sentence like: “I love my daddy because…”, “My daddy makes me laugh when he….” and “My favourite thing to do with my daddy is…..”  This is an opportunity to be creative.  I had my daughter think about each of these statements, and then she began to complete the sentence.

ValentinesI left it to her to sound out each word to figure out how to spell each one.  She would ask me if she was correct, but that was the only guidance I provided.  This helped her practice her spelling skills,and she was immensely proud of what she’d accomplished once e she’d finished writing.

When her sentence was complete, I asked her to draw a picture depicting what she had just written.

When all of the pages were finished, I stapled them together to create the “book.”  The finishing touch was a family photo stuck to the cover.

The key takeaway from this activity is to have most of the content come from your child.

My daughter enjoyed creating this book so much that she’s now taken it upon herself  to create one for other members of our family.

This activity encourages creativity and spelling, but also makes for the most valuable of gifts: one that’s straight from the heart.