Valentine Gift Ideas

Seeing red and hearts lately? It’s that time of the year again where chocolates and flowers are being sold everywhere across Canada. There are many reasons why we love the ones who are special to us, but its difficult to come up with interesting gift ideas to give to our valentine each year. So, we have 10 gift ideas to shake things up!

1. Thoughtful Memory Board

Why not take the time to create something special and meaningful for your valentine. Purchase a memo board and simply decorate it with hearts and photos of you and your loved one. Don’t be afraid to included other items such as old/new love letters, poems, old movie tickets. Be creative and remember it’s the thought that counts.

2. Album Timeline

Every relationship has a collection of photos. Create a photo album organized as a timeline or history of the relationship. From the first picture together to the latest couple selfie, this is a great keepsake and thoughtful gift to receive.

3. Romantic Movie Basket

Put together a movie night basket with your valentine’s favorite movie or the first movie you watched together, popcorn, your valentine’s favourite candy, two small bottles of champagne. It is a way to spend quality time together while watching a flick.

4. Sweet Escape Getaway

Spend some intimate time together by going away for a weekend or a day. It’s a great idea to have time to yourself and your mate away from the city. During the getaway, plan a romantic dinner for the two of you to enjoy.

5. Date to Remember

Go out on a date on this loving occasion. Why not relive and recreate your first date on Valentine’s Day. There’s no going wrong when it comes having to spend time alone with your love one. Remember not all dates should be in the night. You can have the date during lunch, brunch, or dinner. Go the extra mile to send him/her a special invitation/card for this date to remember.

6. Talent Treat

Are you talented in something such as playing the piano, playing the guitar, singing, dancing? Why not do something special for your loved one using your talents, such as singing to him/her on Valentine’s day. It can be a great way to dedicate something to your valentine. It will create a special experience in the relationship.

7. At-Home Spa Basket

Put together a spa experience by creating a spa at home to enjoy for Valentine’s Day. Fill the basket with some scented candles, loofah, body lotion, bubble bath, red nail polish, rose petals, etc.

8. Jewelry

The first thought when it comes to giving jewelry for Valentine’s Day is the amount of money to spend. Don’t worry! The gift doesn’t have to be expensive as many people would think it would be. There are many great selections available that doesn’t require breaking the bank. For example, there are bracelets, charms, stackable rings, earrings that starts from $20 and up.

9. Hidden Message Chocolate

Chocolate may be a gift that is common to give and to receive; however, you can be creative when it comes to sending chocolates to your love one. Why not try to write little hidden messages under each piece of chocolate. You can write about how much you love the person, a love quote, or what you love about him/her.

10. Flowers

Flowers are a classic choice to purchase for your loved ones. You can never go wrong with flowers on Valentine’s Day. Roses are a classic choice for this occasion, but why not go outside the box with something more exotic, such as orchids. For an extra mile, send the flowers with a note or other features, and send it to her office or home.