Top 10 Back-to-School tips for young children

School is back! Are you ready? How do you help your kids and family ease into the new schedule and minimize all the “back-to-school” stress? Here are 10 GREAT TIPS for you!

Come up with a shopping list early

Sit down with your child, go through their clothes, and see what they’ve outgrown. Check and see what school supplies are still good and what you need to buy for this school year. Preparing your shopping list ahead of time will prevent overspending.

Create a timetable and establish the routines

Get your child involved and set up a timetable that will help re-establish the routines again. Ask your child to draw it, decorate it with their favourite stickers and maybe stick it on the fridge or somewhere in their bedroom. This way they learn how to manage their time and prepare themselves for the new schedule of waking up, eating breakfast and getting ready for school.

Getting your child to bed early

Adjusting their nighttime routine can be tricky: According to WebMD, children aged three to six need about 10 – 12 hours per day, while children aged seven to twelve need as much as 10 – 11 hours per day. Make sure you get them to bed early so they start their day off on the right foot.

Organize your home

To avoid scrambling in the morning to find your child’s shoes, school bag and water bottle, assign a designated place to store all the school supplies so things are organized and less stressful.

After school plan

Plan out the after school activities for your child. You might try to keep them light in the beginning so you and your child don’t feel overloaded as you adjust to the new schedule. Try to arrange a carpool with other parents if possible; it will help relieve you from all the driving duties.

Sick day game plan

It’s important to figure out an emergency plan, whether it be with grandparents,a relative or other parents in your neighbourhood; anyone who might be able to pick up your child in case they get sick. Make sure you communicate to the school so they know who the emergency contacts are for your child other than yourself.

Stock up healthy and easy lunch recipes

It’s always good to keep a handful of healthy and quick lunch recipes to make sure your child eats healthy in school. Get them involved! Children will have fun helping to prepare their own lunch. Check out a few back-to-school lunch ideas here.

Let’s have a talk

Get the whole family together and have a “back-to-school” talk. Provide your child with a sense of progression and accomplishment going into the next year. Another important thing is to reassure your child that you are always there for them; this will help ease any anxiety they might have.

Stay positive and smile

Your child is watching and learning from you, so if you’re happy and relaxed it reflect upon them. You need to stay positive, even though there is more on your plate as the new school year begins. Take time for yourself to go for a walk or listen to music, so you don’t get overwhelmed with all the new changes as well.