Teaching Your Children the Importance of Giving Back

I’ve always been involved with a few different non-profit organizations.  Fundraisers, activities and committees, I enjoy it all. When I was pregnant, I had a friend say to me  “looks like you won’t be doing any of that anymore,” and at first, I agreed, but then I thought, why does it have to change? 

I made the decision, when my daughter was very young, that I would teach her the importance of giving back to your community, but I didn’t want to make it feel like a chore for her.  I spoke to a few of the organizations I was involved with and found out about all of the volunteer opportunities available within their organization. Interestingly enough, most of them had at least something that was appropriate for her to get involved with.

Our first activity was organizing a blood donor clinic.  My daughter is very young, so there wasn’t a lot she could do in terms of actually organizing and promoting it, however, on the day of the event, she helped me set up snacks for donors, helped me greet people as they came in and thanked everyone for their donation.  She was excited to be involved in something fun, and I was happy to be giving back.

We’ve also been involved in several other fundraising events in our community (both as a team and as individual participants).  This usually involves some degree of fundraising, although many events do offer volunteer opportunities that are not fundraising related.  These types of events are opportunities to talk to your child about the cause that the event is raising money for, why the organization/group needs money, and why it’s important for people to raise money for groups in their community.  We have several causes close to our hearts, including causes that have personally affected our family.  Have a look at the events in your own community and pick organizations that have a personal meaning to your family.  Not only do these events offer fun activities, but you’re also providing much needed support to these organizations and some valuable teachings to your children.

There are many organizations in and around every community that are looking for volunteers. Why not contact one of those groups today and see how you and your family can get involved?  The memories (and the impact of your work), will last for years to come.