Resolutions 101

When every New Year comes back around again, it seems like the pressure to find a new resolution to live up to is overwhelming. Whether it’s to drop 40 pounds, make new friends, or to handle your finances more efficiently, there’s always something new we want to try and fulfill.

On one hand, we’ve got the healthy go-getters. The ones who can’t wait to hit the gym, resolve to cook healthier meals for dinner, or vow to jog before work three times a week. Depending on how well a person is willing to stick to something that is so life changing, this can potentially form us into better versions of ourselves.

On the other hand, we can take a look at individuals whose resolutions are not as common. These include goals like promising to spend more time with family, or perhaps making time to see more friends or working on leading a cleaner, more organized lifestyle.

And then there are the smaller wishes, like hoping to paint more, love more, get more creative or eliminate negative people from our lives. As simple as these promises to ourselves seem, they may be the hardest to achieve. Mostly because they involve a lot of self-love and a whole lot of patience in our day-to-day lives.

A lot of common New Year’s resolutions include ones that affect our daily and yearly financial errors. By the end of this year, maybe there’s a trip you’ve longed to save for but have never had the courage, time or patience to budget for. Maybe this year should be that year you go out and do that for your own well-being.

Perhaps you’re spending more than you need to on a monthly basis, or maybe even on a weekly basis. It would be a good idea to look back on the things that caused a dent in your savings from the year before and spend money with more logic and boundaries for this upcoming year.

Nevertheless, New Year’s Resolutions are difficult to create, let alone stick with. With planning and efficiency, it’s a no brainer to figure out where your life needs patching up. There’s no better way to start off 2016 than to re-evaluate personal or financial goals in order to become a happier, better you!
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