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Planning Fun and Educational Summer Activities For Kids

Summer has many positive sides – beautiful weather, vacations, and more hours of daylight. But sometimes, summer can translate into stress for parents. It’s hard to keep kids entertained and also ensure that they keep learning through the summer – but luckily there are many ways your kids can partake in educational summer activities.

Kids are exposed to more screen time than ever these days, and while I don’t intend to preach on the evils of screen time (my daughter does enjoy the occasional TV show or movie), I do want to share some tips on keeping kids moving and learning.

I’m very budget-conscious, so the more I can do for little or no cost, the better, and while I think museums and zoos are great places for some great summer learning, there are some simple little to no cost things you can do as well:

Heritage-Education-Funds-Blog-Picnic1 – Picnic in a public park – For some, this sounds like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. Pack a simple lunch, similar to what you may have been packing for your child’s lunch – my daughter’s personal favourite are some whole grain crackers, cheese, turkey slices, and a mix of grapes and strawberries. Throw your lunch in a backpack and off you go. Whether your local park is large with walking trails, or small with a bit of playground equipment and a bench, there’s always opportunity for a great picnic and conversation. There are learning opportunities all around you. See any birds in the air? Squirrels? Groundhogs? Ask your children where they think they live, what they eat, etc. Now, finding the answer may require a little research beforehand, but that also means it’s a learning experience for both of you! No wildlife? Have a look at the flowers and trees that may be in or around your park.

Heritage-Education-Funds-Blog-Beach2 – Trip to the beach – There’s opportunity to chat about why things sink or float. You can incorporate a craft beforehand as well – make a boat at home. You can use cardboard or construction paper as possible building materials. Have fun and be creative with the construction; then you can talk about why the boat did or didn’t float.

These are just a couple of suggestions, but pick something that works for you and your family. Get creative! Make this an opportunity for everyone to bond, have fun and learn something new.