New Year, New Goals

I’m not usually one for New Year’s Resolutions, however, I do think a new year is a good opportunity to set some goals, be they physical, financial, mental, or maybe a little of everything. It’s good to reflect the year that’s ending, and plan for the year ahead.

We’ve had some changes this past year in our family, including my daughter beginning school, me being accepted into a Master’s Program at our local university and my husband starting a new job.  All these things are really exciting and meant some big shifts in our financials and schedules.  With these things in mind, I’ve set some goals for 2015 that include setting aside more time to spend together as a family, setting up a special savings account that we will contribute to each paycheck, and contributing monthly to my daughter’s RESP.  Each of these goals ensures we will have money to do some fun things like family vacations while also saving for the future.

Interested in setting your own goals for 2015?  It’s a simple exercise, and can actually lead to some fun discussion about things you enjoyed over the past year.  We simply sat down with a pen and paper and mapped out some of our biggest moments, including what we enjoyed and what we didn’t, then we made a list of things we hope for in the future.  Then we chatted about how we could make our goals happen.  We discussed our schedules, and where we may be able to find some more time to spend together, and we worked on a budget that allowed us to do some saving for the “fun stuff” like family vacations.

Whatever your goals may be, it’s good to have a partner or “buddy” that can help you stick to those goals; accountability is key.  In my case, my husband is my “buddy,” and we’ve put some measures in place to help us stick to our goals, such as reminders on our phones and automatic debits from our checking account into a savings account.

Remember, if you don’t succeed at the goals you set, just re-evaluate the goals and try again.  The beauty of personal goals is they can be revisited and adjusted, and there is no need to give-up.

Happy goal planning!