Leftover Halloween Candy Recipes & DIYs Round-up

The excitement of Halloween may be over, but the mountain of Halloween candy still remains… unless you do something with the leftover goodies!

I’ve rounded up a few ideas from the web that might help ease the sugar high.


Christmas Advent Calendar from Raising Memories
Raising Memories advent calendar
Looking for a fun way to countdown to Christmas? Try this!


Pretzel Hugs from Echoes Of Laughter
Halloween Pretzel Huges | Echoes of Laughter
The pretzel hugs shown are Halloween-themed, but you can use any leftover candy to make these salty-sweet gems.


Reese’s Pieces Cookies from The Mommy Mix
Chocolate Banana Reese's Pieces Recipe
These yummy chocolate banana cookies could be modified to use M&Ms, Smarties, Mini Rolo pieces… you get the idea. 😉


Holiday Ornaments & Decorations from Fab Frugal Mama
Halloween Candy Ornament DIY
Leftover Skittles, gumballs and any other brightly coloured candy can be used to decorate wooden ornaments and more.
How do you use up your leftover Halloween candy?