Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the special dads out there!  We have researched and found the different types of gifts to suit any dad.

The Foodie Dad

From Kitchen Aid stand mixers to burger presses, there is a wide range of kitchen gadgets to give the food loving dad.

The Tech Savvy Dad

If your dad already has the latest iPhone, you can consider a Customizable Shiatsu Back Massager that fits nicely onto an office chair or go high end with a robotic, remote-controlled lawn mower.

The Eco Friendly Dad

This dad is environmentally conscious and cares about the grooming products he uses.  Consider buying products that are chemical free, or making homemade cologne by combining natural oils.

The Sporty Dad

The Nike+ FuelBand is a weightless wristband that tracks all of dad’s everyday activities including running, walking, dancing and playing basketball.  It allows dad to track his progress and set goals by using an app that syncs all this together.


Fun Facts about Father’s Day!

* The first Father’s Day happened on June 17, 1910.

* Americans spend over $1 billion annually on Father’s Day presents.

* Common Father’s Day gifts include ties and flowers, but cards are the most popular gift.

* According to Hallmark, Father’s Day is the fifth biggest card giving occasion in the world.

* In a recent survey by PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved), 64% of dads wanted to spend the day with the family, 28% wanted to stay home to relax, and 8% wanted a play golf or a sport (guilt free!).

* The most surprising answers from dads regarding their favourite gifts are: rubber boots, cash, nose clippers and a liquor store gift card.

* The best Father’s Day gifts as revealed by dads: their children, photos of the kids, handmade gifts and cards from the kids, spending time with the family.