Fall Colours – Let Your Child’s Inner Artist Shine!

Fall, such a beautiful time of year.  Kids are back in school, parents are back to their regular routines, and we’re all surrounded by beautiful colours.  As you can tell, I love the fall.  This is one of the best times of year to capture beautiful pictures and go for crisp fall walks.


My daughter and I love going for walks, and the fall provides a whole new environment for her to experience.  This opens the door to all kinds of fun fall activities.  I thought I would share a couple:

1 – Walk ‘n Snap – This activity is as simple as going for a walk and snapping some pictures of the fall sites, but with a twist:  ask your child about what they see and what they think would be a good picture.  Children can have a different perspective than you and you can end up with some pretty interesting and unique pictures.  If your child is old enough, consider letting them take control of the camera and snapping a few pictures.

2 – A Fall Leaf Wreath – This was our latest project.  My daughter and I went for an evening walk and gathered what she thought were the most interesting and beautiful leaves she could find.  As we collected the leaves, we put them in a plastic bag, and when we arrived home, i tied the bag and left it on our porch.  My hope was that this would take care of any little bug friends we may have brought home with us.

A couple days later, I took some cardboard from our recycling pile and made a cardboard ring for the base of our wreath. Then, I added some glue to the ring, and had my daughter place the leaves on top.  We didn’t focus on placement of the leaves, I just let her do it the way she wanted.

When the whole ring was covered, I added a ribbon to the top.   Here is the finished product:DSCF3988

Take the opportunity this fall to get out and enjoy the beauty this season has to offer.