Easter Activities for 2014

When people think of Easter they typically imagine painted eggs, chocolate, baskets and more sweets.  Why not try something new thing year and jazz up your Easter festivities with some ideas listed below?

Change the traditional Easter Egg hunt

Instead of hiding chocolate eggs, why not hide plastic eggs with creative prizes inside such as coins, a little toy or mini items from the dollar store?  You can mix it up and add chocolate eggs as well, but the small amounts of money can be put towards saving or act as pocket money for your little ones.  You can also make little messages like Easter Queen or Easter King for the day.

Another idea is to hunt for stuff bunnies instead of eggs.  You can link the bunnies to a game, for example, colour coat them and each colour represents a prize or whoever collects the most bunnies wins a gift basket of goodies!

The modern Easter basket

Get creative and fill the Easter basket with contents your kids may need or enjoy instead of a trip to the dentist.  Perhaps there is a new book they are interested in, or there is a new toy they really want.  If you want to keep it within budget, visit your local dollar/discount store for some fun ideas to fill those baskets!  Remember, it doesn’t always need to be filled with candy and chocolate to make Easter memorable for your little ones.

Host a cookie party

As part of the Easter festivities, throw in a hands on activity for kids to partake in.  This will mix up the tradition with a twist to get the family involved and they get to keep their treats.  They can even put them in the modern Easter baskets mentioned above.  Find any basic chocolate chip cookie recipe and substitute the chocolate chips for pastel coloured mini chocolate eggs, or M&Ms.  While the cookies are baking, the kids can spend their time making their own Easter baskets out of construction paper, stuffed with fake green grass.  Check out the dollar store for neat ways to fill them.

Easter egg scavenger hunt

Add in clues and riddles to your traditional Easter egg hunt and there you have it; a scavenger hunt!  Kids will have fun solving clues or facing playful obstacles to get to that next egg.  You can create simple maps, basic clues, or even colour code eggs for small children.  They will enjoy a fun to way to “work” for their treasures once some creativity is involved.