Car Seat Requirement for Your Children’s Life Stages

Did you know that approximately 2,500 kids between the ages of 1 and 4 are injured or killed in a car accident every year?*  Of the fatalities or injuries, 80% – 95% are blamed on the misuse of a car seat.**  Learn the different types of car seats required for each stage of your child’s growth.


Ages 0-2, Stage 1

Your child should be in a Rear-Facing Seat.  Babies have weak neck and back muscles, so they will need the extra support in the event of a sudden stop or crash.

Ages 2-7, Stage 2

Your child should be in a Forward-Facing Seat.  Older children have developed stronger back and neck muscles at this point, so it is best to use this car seat for as long as possible as long as they meet the height and weight restrictions.

Ages 4-12, Stage 3

You can move your child to a Booster Seat as long as they weigh at least 18 kg (40 lbs).  Just like the Forward-Facing Seat, try to use this seat for as long as possible, just make sure they meet the weight and height ranges.

Ages 8+, Stage 4

Once your child has outgrown the Booster Seat, they can use a car seat that will fit them comfortably.


Car Seat Safety Facts

Bigger cars aren’t always safer

Most people think that a bigger car will be more sustainable in a collision, however because of the height of most older model SUVs, their centre of gravity is higher, thus making them more likely to tip over on a fast turn.

Items in the car can be dangerous

Hard toys or junk lying around can hit your child when you suddenly have to brake or swerve at the last minute.  Try organizing the car by putting the hard objects away in the trunk or under the seats.

The safest spot is in the middle

Put your youngest children in between the older kids or adults, in the back.

Keep airbags away from babies and young children

As mentioned in Stage 1, infants have weaker neck and back muscles, making airbags dangerous when activated.  It’s safest to put young children in the back with a Rear or Forward Facing Seat.


Today’s Parent 

**Safe Sound Family