Canadian parents are very conscious about their baby food

In a recent survey, the results indicated that over 80 percent of parents prefer to make their own baby food, and 60 percent chose to buy organic produces for their babies. The findings confirmed a study from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), which showed parents have growing concerns over the use of preservatives and other chemicals commonly used in processed food. Due to this, many Canadian parents are opting to purchase organic products for their children.

Due to various studies, Canadian parents are becoming more cautious of what they feed their baby. AAFC claims that in 2010, organic foods were the highest growing trend in the Canadian Health and Wellness market at a 5.4% growth rate. According to our recent survey, those who purchased organic food, 45 percent said they shop at Loblaw’s organic section, followed by natural food store (30 percent) and farmer’s market (25 percent).

It was determined that parents prefer to shop at Loblaw’s for alternative organic options, because of their affordability, wide range of selections and stores accessibility. The PC organic baby food brand was well-received among parents. Organic alternatives were commonly harder to access, but with big bulk stores now carrying this option, parents have more choice available and defiantly are taking advantage of this option.