Building schools for refugee children in Africa

Every child deserves a right to education, Mauuzi Adam, a co-founder of The Humankind International strongly believes in that and put that into action.

Mr. Adam grew up in poverty, gunfire and violence in Somalia. He was kidnapped at 14; he broke free after being chained to fence for 18 months. Later on, he got on a flight which he thought it was off to Ethiopia where he could find his family but it landed at Toronto, Canada.

His life was totally changed after he came to Canada in 2006. Mr. Adam now lives with his beautiful family in Winnipeg and finishing up his degree in International Development & Economics at University of Winnipeg.

This is his story of how he set up the Humankind International Inc (HKI), a non-profit organization which dedicated to building school for refugee children in Ethiopia and Kenya.

What inspired him to set up this organization was, in 2008 when he went to Ethiopia to reunite with his Mom, he was heartbroken when he talked to an 8 year old boy who lived in a refugee camp. The boy was down when asked whether he attended school. Mr. Adam said because they are refugees, they don’t have the right (social status) to attend school.

Upon his return to Canada, he shared this story with another Somali man, Abdirisak Adam, and his mentor Abdi Ahmed and how he wated to build a school for these children. Thanks to all the hard work and passion for these three Somali men, the Humankind International was established in 2008.

Their first school is to open at Dadaab, Kenya next year. They are expecting 150 students, aged 5-8 attending. They are now working to create the school curriculum and partnering with Canadians who have the background and knowledge in early childhood education.

For more information on this organization, please visit: www.humankindinternationalinc.org