Are Canadian parents failing at nurturing our children’s love of reading?

Nowadays when you walk into a restaurant it is not uncommon to see young kids playing on their parent’s iPad, or watching videos on a mobile device. It’s hard not to ask, are parents today giving their kids too much screen time, but too little reading time? Are our children turning to be “digital kids” who don’t know how to pick up a book?

In a recent Heritage Education Funds survey, 92 percent of Canadian parents said their kids love to read, however most of them only read to 1 to 5 books a day, only 12 percent read 5 to 10 books and 4 percent of parents did not read to their kids at all. Laurel Broten, Ontario’s minister of education, noted the decline in reading for pleasure is a trend in developed countries. They said a study showed that just half of the province”s Grade 3 and 6 students say they like to read, a number that has dropped from over a decade ago. This is a “worrying trend” of the children in developed countries.

ABC Life Literacy Canada recommends parent to start reading to their babies from birth. It is proven that children’s love of reading can be nurtured by parents from birth or even before their born. There might be many new and cool apps to teach kids to read, but they don’t count. It’s time for some “real” reading with your kids.