A Different Kind of Easter Egg Hunt

Does your house have an annual Easter Egg Hunt?  My daughter has been talking about an Easter Egg Hunt for a while.  She has a sweet tooth, as do I, but I wanted a little less of a focus on the chocolate this year, so we’re going to be doing an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt.   This activity is a lot of fun and doesn’t have to be limited to Easter.  This hunt can also be adapted depending on the age of your children.

For Easter, we will be using plastic Easter Eggs to house the “clues,” but if you’re doing this hunt sometime other than Easter, the Easter Eggs are not necessary.  Here are some examples of the “clues” we will be using in our egg hunt:

  • Your next clue is hiding where you eat, it’s on the seat closest to the heat (This clue will be placed on the chair closest to our heating vent).
  • Search for your next clue on the bottom floor, you will find it in a spot close to the door.
  • The next clue is hidden where you sleep.  I had to tiptoe in your room, and not make a peep.

Our daughter is almost six, and these clues make her think, but aren’t so tough that she can’t figure them out.  We will also be encouraging her to read the clues herself and we are encouraging her love of reading.  If your little one isn’t ready for reading yet, you may even want to use pictures or drawings as clues.

At the end of the scavenger hunt we plan to have her Easter Basket filled with some small toys and yummy treats.

Depending on how elaborate you make your clues, this activity has the potential to encourage reading, physical activity, problem solving, and having fun!