Tweeting about best money-saving tips for students

Tuition alone is very expensive, but try adding text books, food, and extracurricular activities to the list of expenses. Students are always trying to come up with ways to save during their years in post-secondary; Education Portal, an online education resource centre, recently ran a contest on Twitter asking students to provide new money saving tips, because who is better to ask about student saving tips than students. Here are some money-saving tips students tweeted in:

(Apartment Living)

  1. Consider getting roommates – Having roommates will reduce living expenses
  2. Consider locating an apartment close to your campus – This will save money on gas and parking


  1. Invest in a bike – Having a bike would save you time and money on bus fare, parking and gas, and on top of that, it’s a good workout!
  2. Walk or take the bus

(Credit Card)

  1. Don’t think credit is unlimited money, remember you would have to pay that money back
  2. Don’t use your credit card when you shop, use cash – this will help you keep track on your spending


  1. Many college libraries have textbooks – if available, take advantage instead of buying new books
  2. Buy used books or ask friends who have taken the course before if they have the book available
  3. Photocopy textbooks from your friends

(Food & Drinks)

  1. Pack your own lunch, this would prevent you from eating out
  2. Make your own coffee at home and bottle your own drinks – buying coffee everyday or buying bottled water/drinks on campus can get extremely expensive

(Social Life)

  1. Always ask for student rates for movie admissions, fitness centre etch
  2. Purchase the Student Price Card (SPC)  – you can get discounts on clothes, coffee, food. For more information on the SPC card, visit http://www.spccard.ca


  1. Work on campus as a dorm supervisor – free rent
  2. College work-study is a great way to save money during school – you get great experience and a pay cheque!


  1. Consider in signing up for stores mailing list, to get information on sales and coupons
  2. Consider shopping at thrift stores