#StartEarly TV Commercial Campaign Launches on CityTV Across Canada!

On April 14, 2014, Heritage Education Funds launched the “#StartEarly” campaign across the nation! The campaign kicks off with commercial spots on various CityTV shows like, Cityline, Breakfast Television and Jimmy Kimmel. Along with our national television spot, we are reaching our to our social media community to #ShareHeritage and “Join The Conversation” on all social platforms, including Twitter where we will be promoting the commercial and our campaign landing page, HeritageRESP.com/StartEarly. Each tweet to include the “#StartEarly” hashtag in combination with the “#ShareHeritage” hashtag and/or “@HeritageFunds” twitter handle will be entered into our social media “Join The Conversation” contest.

For more information about the campaign and Heritage, visit HeritageRESP.com/StartEarly.

For full contest details, visit HeritageRESP.com/Contests.