Meet a Heritage Hero: Sherell Knorr

Meet Sherell, one of our Heritage Heroes. Sherell graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. After graduating, she continued on to obtain her Critical Care Nursing Certification and is now working in a Surgical Intensive Care Unit in Regina, Saskatchewan.  

Sherell answered some of our Heritage Heroes questions…


Heritage Hero Sherell KnorrI was placed on this unit in my last preceptorship of my degree program and fell in love with it. I knew that I needed to get more experience working on a nursing ward before I would be ready to work in the ICU. So I worked on threedifferent  internal medicine wards over three years and learned as much as I could and then I applied to the critical care program and was accepted. Working in the critical care field opens so many other doors in my career and allows me to advance my skills training even further.


“I have had many different mentors over the years whether it be clinical nursing instructors during university or senior staff that have trained me on the job. I work with some of the most intelligent and experienced nurses on my current unit and I am lucky to be able to learn from all of them everyday.”


“Having the RESP has most definitely helped me graduate with less student debt. In more ways than one it has allowed me to do things that would have never been possible if I had my entire tuition worth of loans to pay off. I was able to buy a house right out of university and I was able to travel because I was in good financial standing, and that was because I had the RESP.”

Thanks to Sherell for her participation and for being one of our Heritage Heroes. We look forward to seeing where her future endeavours take her.

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