Meet a Heritage Hero: Seyar Karimi

Meet Seyar, one of our Heritage Heroes. Seyar recently graduated from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario with a degree in Honors Sociology. While at McMaster, Seyar was also a part of one of the strongest volleyball programs in Canada and played for the university’s team during his time there. Seyar is now a Senior Business Development Representative at Uberflip, a cloud-based Content Experience Platform based in Toronto.

Seyar answered some of our Heritage Heroes questions…


McMaster has a program that is run by the athletes that connects them with the community. The power of a sports jersey and being an athlete can be influential and children are inspired by what we do and say. Every year we try and reach out to communities such as the Eva Rothwell Centre and play/coach the children there when we have the time!


“My volleyball team and I tied the record for most OUA (Ontario) gold medals in a row. I played for 5 years, and every year we won. The last time this occurred was back in the 1980’s with the University of Toronto. We also finished top 3 nationally in my 5 years. Lastly, we beat The Ohio State Buckeyes, defending NCAA Division I champions, in front of a sold out crowd at home. This broke the idea that American athletics are much stronger than Canadian programs.”


“The funds I received from my RESP allowed me to pay for my living costs. Being a student-athlete meant I had practice, workouts, and class everyday on campus and living by the school was very important for my development. I worked all summer so I could pay off my tuition, but then after those funds were paid off I couldn’t afford my living costs. Groceries and rent are how I have used my RESP in order to allow myself to stay healthy while studying and to live close to school. Living close allowed me to get treatment whenever I needed after practice without having to worry about commuting home late and losing valuable time that I needed to complete school work.”

Thanks to Seyar for his participation and for being one of our Heritage Heroes. We look forward to seeing where his future endeavours take him!

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