Meet a Heritage Hero: Sadie Branden

Meet Sadie, one of our Heritage Heroes. Sadie is a student at the University of Calgary in Alberta, pursuing a commerce degree at the Haskayne School of Business. She is majoring in Human Resources and minoring in Psychology. She is also working on a Co-op work term at a not-for-profit organization called the Calgary Drop-In and Rehab Centre where she facilitates lectures on computer skills, life skills, and job search and apply strategies.

Sadie answered some of our Heritage Heroes questions…


The accomplishment I am most proud of is the impact I have made on low-income individuals coming through the program I teach at the Calgary Drop-In and Rehab Centre. As the instructor of a three-week pre-employment program, my main responsibility is facilitating lectures on computer skills, life skills, and job search and apply strategies. Through teaching and spending one-on-one time with students, I have been able to support over 100 individuals and help them take steps in the right direction. Additionally, I have grown immensely in my self-confidence and ability to lead.


“There have been many mentors who have guided me and helped me become successful. My dad has been a big help in encouraging me and supporting me both financially and emotionally. From editing my papers to connecting me with a network of Human Resources professionals, he has helped me grow and step out of my comfort zone. I am thankful the constant and stable support that my dad has provided me with over my past 4 years in University.”

ON HAVING A HERITAGE RESP:SadieBranden3-800x800

Because of the RESP my parents set up for me, I have been able to pay for my education. This allowed me to fully commit to my courses as I didn’t have to work during the school semesters. It also allowed me to take 5 courses without worrying about taking out a student loan or paying for it with the money I had personally saved. The ability to completely focus on my school work has resulted in making the Dean’s list at Both St. Mary’s and the University of Calgary. Additionally, I was able to spend time volunteering in the community and attained 5 scholarships, paying for over 2 years’ worth of tuition and books.

Thanks to Sadie for her participation and for being one of our Heritage Heroes. We look forward to seeing where her future endeavours take her.

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