Meet a Heritage Hero: Meghan Ang

Meet Meghan, one of our Heritage Heroes. Meghan is a recent graduate from the Bachelor of Media Arts in Animation program at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, British Columbia. She also regularly volunteers at local art shows and is pursuing a career in animation. Check out some of Meghan’s incredible talent below!

Meghan answered some of our Heritage Heroes questions…


I am most proud of the completion of my fourth year thesis film for my animation program, which is a short animation that I wrote, directed, and executed myself, with the help of my peers and teachers. It was approximately a year long project and one of the largest projects I have ever embarked on. I was able to explore my strengths while also being able to learn new things and utilize everything I’ve learned up until now.


“My peers, my professors, and my parents have all been huge factors in the decisions I have made with each providing me different perspectives and options that I could consider so that I would make a decision that is best for me. One of my professor’s in particular, who taught me in my second year of study in the animation program, has continued to mentor me and guide me for the rest of my education. His input was always important to me as he knew my skill set and was aware of my interests and could offer up many options to consider for my future endeavours and projects.”


“Having an RESP definitely made studying easier as I did not have to be overly concerned about funding my education, and having those issues take away from my learning. While I did hold a part time job, I was lucky not to have the stress of sacrificing so much of my study time to working in order to pay for tuition, project supplies, programs, etc. and was able to dedicate more of my energy towards school. My academic career without a RESP would have been very different for me and I can’t guarantee that I would have felt the same sense of security and peace of mind. The RESP allowed me more freedom to focus on my animation program in school and confidently pursue and explore different aspects of my education.”

Thanks to Meghan for her participation and for being one of our Heritage Heroes. We look forward to seeing where her future endeavours take her!

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