Meet a Heritage Hero: Stephanie Tran

Meet Stephanie, one of our Heritage Heroes. Stephanie graduated from the Munk School of Global Affairs at The University of Toronto with a degree in Peace, Conflict and Justice. While she was at U of T, she did an internship for the world’s largest human rights organization, Amnesty International. She is currently studying Computer Programming at Seneca College and is now working at Amnesty International Canada as their Urgent Action Digital Coordinator. Stephanie has also volunteered for a myriad of organizations, including United Way, Best Buddies Canada, Operation Groundswell and for the University of Toronto specifically for their Women and Gender Studies program, Psychology program, and the Munk School.

Stephanie answered a few of our Heritage Heroes questions…



I am most proud of my internship at Amnesty International Canada. It has opened so many doors for me, and even better it has brought me so much growth as a young adult. I’ve learned so much and have been able to garner incredible opportunities from this experience.


“Having an RESP definitely made my academic life easier for me. My undergrad demanded an incredible amount of time and energy. Having an RESP in addition to student loans, grants, and scholarships allowed me to focus on my schoolwork without the weight of stress about finances on my shoulders. My RESP gave me the privilege in feeling comfort about my finances during my studies. It allowed me to afford not to have a part-time job, and in turn, I was able to join student groups and give back to my community with the time made available from not having to work to make up for lack of finances. In joining these student groups, I met so many other people – students, staff, community members, who would offer me invaluable support throughout my time at U of T. I know in turn their support made school a bit better for me.”


“I’ve encountered so many supportive people in this journey. I honestly feel that the incredible people who work at Amnesty International Canada have had the biggest influence in guiding my career path and successes. The passion and creativity of my colleagues and mentors at Amnesty Canada have really impacted me. Working with them has brought me so much clarity in what is possible in a career and the pathway to it.”

Thanks to Stephanie for her participation and for being one of our Heritage Heroes. We can’t wait to see where her future endeavours take her!

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