Meet a Heritage Hero: Matthew Mowbrey

Meet Matthew, one of our Heritage Heroes. Matthew graduated from MacEwan University with a Bachelor of Commerce in International Business. He then went on to complete both a Master of Business Administration Degree specializing in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and a Juris Doctor (Law) Degree from the University of Alberta. He is now working as an Associate Lawyer at the Warren Sinclair LLP law firm in Alberta and is an active volunteer in his community.

Matthew answered some of our Heritage Heroes questions…


I see my career in law not as a linear path towards retirement but as a spindle of opportunity to interact and work in a variety of fields and interests.  I believe it is possible for some lawyers, and certainly clients, to get stuck on the concept of ‘winning’ or ‘defeating’ the other party versus taking a needs-based approach to discover what outcomes actually meet the clients’ needs.  As a result, although I certainly have had several moments of pride and accomplishment within my legal career to date, I am most proud of simply being able to forge a career which helps people find answers and solutions to their problems and disputes while still being able to engage my community as a volunteer, mentor, and activist.


“I have had many mentors but I would mention first my grandfather, Terry Mowbrey,  He retired a few years ago as a Fellow Chartered Accountant. He has been a Chartered Accountant for over 50 years and in the mid 1970’s established a Chartered Accounting practice in Edmonton, Alberta, which has grown today to a substantive full service local practice. He has always been a bastion of knowledge on topics where experience is really the best guide: how to deal with conflict, personal and employment expectations, goal-setting, managing workload, and many other helpful professional guides.”


“An RESP allowed me more free time, having not to work as much, gave me the opportunity as a young adult to explore who I was as an individual, and engage with the world around me with less stress or restrictions.  I joined a Fraternity, Delta Upsilon; became involved with campus governance, sports, and participated in case competitions. I wish that every young adult could be blessed with the opportunities that I have enjoyed.”

Thanks to Matthew for his participation and for being one of our Heritage Heroes. We look forward to seeing where his future endeavours take him.

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