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Holding Out for a Heritage Hero

Heritage Education Funds recently launched a new campaign called Heritage Heroes. It’s a series of in-depth features profiling six young stars with bright futures. These young Canadian supernovas who hail from coast-to-coast have made the most of their education due to the fact their parents made the solid decision to purchase RESPs early on in their children’s lives.

The inspiring digital campaign encompasses a series of interviews, videos and commentary from these recent and not-so-recent grads that have utilized a Heritage RESP to jumpstart their careers without being saddled with the burden of student debt.

It’s clear this project has a motivating factor, and after looking at the collage of young people in this digital campaign, I can say, as the parent of a kindergartener, who wouldn’t want their child to grow up to be like one of those being profiled? They are all well-scrubbed, articulate, bright minds with post-secondary degrees in hand, working in careers they are clearly all deeply passionate about.

The one-minute 30-second features showcase all that these grads and almost-grads have accomplished to date. They all speak about their strong sense of family, their childhood milestones and memories that inspired them, their commitment to their education and their hopes for a better world through their own constructive work. The profiles span a wide range of professions. There is a fashion designer, an engineering student, a future doctor, a school teacher, a future pharmacist and a psychology student involved in the community. All careers that would make a family proud. Each accomplished subject describes his or her field of practice, what they hope to achieve in the future, and how RESPs have given them a leg up.

But first the campaign asks an important question that frankly many of us simply don’t spend enough time contemplating the answer to: “What is a hero  to me?” The answers are well thought out and range from, “someone who is passionate and inspires others” to “someone who strives to make the world a better place.” Some of them cite their parents as their heroes and the positive influences and encouragement their moms or dads have had on their lives. Many of them are already pursuing their dream jobs while already having a sense of self you don’t easily find in a group of twenty-somethings. They can size up their biggest strengths, while having one ultimate goal in common: helping people and creating a positive change in this world.

Best of all, there’s a practical take-home message here for both parents considering an RESP: having the knowledge and insurance that those funds are there when you need them to achieve your child’s life goals, stress free, without scrambling to find immediate tuition money. In the vignettes, each young person describes how knowing they have the strength of their RESPs backing them while growing up not only inspired them to go to university, but also allowed a number of them to not “stress out about money” and focus on their studies or prospective internships. That, ultimately, is allowing them to graduate debt free.

Being a Heritage Hero is what happens when you make that one investment earlier, so that the whole family can benefit later on in life.