child plays superhero

Heritage Heroes: Armed with Education

Some have the ability to freeze time; others can make objects disappear.

Superheroes don’t have to live in story books, comics, or movies. We are surrounded by real-life superheroes who have the gift of affecting positive change by using their minds.

Heritage Heroes, a campaign featuring Canadians who have studied across Canada, are using their RESPs to pave the way for future success. Whether they are in medical school, designing new fashion trends, or marking their family’s first generation to successfully obtain a university degree, these Heroes have been given the opportunity to invest in their future and they’re setting their sights high. Heritage Heroes are ordinary people with extraordinary ambitions. They’re not only pursuing a challenging, fulfilling area of study but they’re benefitting from a Heritage RESP to help kick-start their education and long-term career goals.

Choosing the right path for the future may not come easily for some. For others, their future goals are part of some of their first and fondest childhood memories.

My children are six and four. For now, they’d like to be a cowboy and a fairy princess, respectively. Chances are, their aspirations will change and morph several times by the time they enter into adulthood. Deciding on a career is important, and having the means to do so can help a child achieve it.

My husband and I began investing in our children’s future shortly after they were born. Our families regularly contribute in lieu of gifts, which is worth much more than toys, gadgets and novelties.

Canadian education costs a pretty penny but the investment is invaluable. On average, full-time students paid more than $16,000 for post-secondary education in 2014- 2015, or more than $66,000 for a four-year program. When my children decide their future, the cost is expected to rise to about $100,000 for university education. For those pursuing studies away from home, tuition, books and living expenses will all have to be considered.

Paying for post-secondary education was something I took on myself, and while my parents helped pay a portion of my schooling, there was a balance of chasing my dreams and alleviating the financial burden of student debt.

As parents, we strive to provide our children with more than our parents were able to provide for us. We want our future teachers, pharmacists and artists to set their sights high, work hard, and accomplish their dreams. Heritage Heroes are doing all these things without the limitations of post-graduation debt. Their financial reinforcements allow them to focus on their craft and let passion and perseverance lead them through their educational journey.

The Heritage Heroes campaign gives us a snapshot of the priceless opportunities that have been awarded to many Canadian youth. And while they don’t wear capes, their drive and determination is helping to pave the way for others who aspire to do great things, whether they be saving lives in the operating room or designing the latest trendy fashions. The sky’s the limit!