Happy “Take Our Kids to Work” Day at Heritage!

What a great day! Heritage hosted three grade 9 students for Take Our Kids to Work Day, an initiative that seeks to help enrich the learning of our students. These students were the children and relatives of Heritage employees as a part of the annual, nation-wide program. The three students spent a day at the Heritage offices taking part in various workshops with our departments such as Sales, Marketing, Accounting, and Customer Service, just to name a few.

To finish the day, a marketing competition was held to give the students a hands-on experience of what it takes to create and manage a brand. The students were given creative freedom to create their own product or company, design a logo, and develop a marketing/distribution strategy for their ideas. These ideas were the following:

Feel the Good Athletics – “Fly with Us”: an athletic apparel company with a flagship shoe called the “McFlys”. These shoes have the ability to hover in the air, as well as customizable coloured-neon lights fitted into the sole of the shoes.

Stacks – featuring an automatic clothes-folding machine. Easy to use as all you need to do is put your clothes into it and it will fold – and stack – your clothes for you.

Anne Gabrielle – “Fresh, Clean, and Safe”: featuring a make-up remover that is not tested on animals, unscented, and non-gender-specific.

take our kids to work 2015

This competition ended with a presentation of their ideas to Dilan Frost (Vice President, Sales) and Mauline Segre-Lyon (Manager, International Business). Congratulations to Haamid, the CEO of Feel the Good Athletics on winning the competition.


It was a great day of learning, new experiences, and fun as each of the students were excited about their opportunities. Heritage continues to stand by the principles of education, and encouraging our children to continue striving for excellence in all they do — and we look forward to having more with us again for next year’s annual “Take Our Kids to Work Day.”