Education Doesn’t End in the Classroom

Transitioning to the classroom from spending sunny days outside is a huge mission, especially when little ones are reliant on having fun biking around all summer and not used to the struggles of back-to-school responsibilities. Sometimes, blackboards and desks just don’t cut it when the images of waterparks and sun are burned into the backs of their brains.

Sitting in a room all day may not be the most exciting school experience that children have in mind. Surprisingly, there are more ways than one to make learning a great expedition once again.

  1. Take a Road Trip

Use the rest of the warm weather to plan a road trip where your kids can learn on the move. Students like field trips offered by school so much because they anticipate some fun from the desired destination, although the education part is disguised as a fun day out. Planning a road trip to a nearby historical site, farm, or nature-filled venues is a good start to seeking out the good in the world around them. Plus, engaging in map reading and seeking out photography opportunities will surely arise in any trip you plan to make, whether it be twenty minutes or ten hours away.

  1. Explore Online Education Platforms

TED Talks are becoming so much more widespread and they not only serve as entertainment, they’re also great for hearing someone talk passionately about a topic they want the public to learn about. Even YouTube offers educational videos, from knitting tutorials to etiquette 101.

  1. Start a Netflix Documentary

Binge-watching Netflix seems like an okay summer habit, but with all the schoolwork piling up, the only safe way to not be pulled back into endless hours of television shows is to perhaps turn to something that your kids will learn from. Netflix offers a great selection of educational flicks. The BBC’s Planet Earth will definitely not disappoint.

  1. Outdoor Education

Mini field studies are a great option for getting outdoors before the cold weather is upon us, and are also safe and fun ways to explore the beauty of nature and the lessons it can bring. Forests with an abundance of trees and different species of flowers and birds bring forth the desire to be in touch with wildlife and to discover what’s in a child’s own backyard.  

  1. Travel

Although this isn’t always the most financially friendly decision, it is the perfect idea when attempting to showcase a new, undiscovered place when the time actually does come and you decide to plan a family-friendly vacation. Being exposed to countries with alternate languages than the one(s) you speak at home is eye-opening, and a good culture shock allows children to go beyond their comfort zones and indulge in a new community’s lifestyle.

Encouraging learning outside of the classroom is the best way to keep children engaged in academia, even when they’re not in school. It might be difficult to seek out opportunities in which we can teach children and connect concepts from school with daily life, but the possibilities of finding these instances are endless. This list sure won’t leave them squirming in their seats.