Class is in Session for Education Savings Week

Heritage has been helping Canadian children afford a post-secondary education for 50 years and counting, so we know a thing or two about saving money. This year, in honour of National Education Savings Week, we’ve made it our mid-term assignment to raise awareness of the very real costs involved with sending a child to school, and the very real ways Canadians can absorb those costs without being crushed by post-graduate debt.

Speaking of real costs, things aren’t getting any cheaper. “The overall expense of putting a child through college or university is the highest it’s ever been,” says Heritage President & CEO Jason Maguire. “As a parent of three post-secondary-bound children, I’m extremely grateful for Education Savings Week, because it allows us to engage our children to discuss what’s really important for them: their future and higher education.”

If you’re a new parent – and if current trends continue – you can expect to be paying upwards of six figures for your child to get a four-year degree once he or she graduates high school. That’s an intimidating figure, but it’s not out of reach, provided you start saving early and you contribute often. That’s where we come in; we’re stepping up to the podium to teach you about saving and managing your money the Heritage way.

Throughout the week, we’ll be providing a host of valuable tips and articles via our Facebook, our Twitter and other channels We also cordially invite you to join us for our #SavingWithHeritage Twitter Party on Thursday, November 24th at 8PM EST, where we’ll be sharing tips and information to make saving for your child’s education easier – there’s over $700 in prizes to be won! Just click here to RSVP.

You want your child to have a bright academic future. Education Savings Week is your chance to hit the books, learn from the experts and make sure that happens.

To start off the week, we’ve got the Top 5 Benefits & Highlights of Group RESPs:

  1. Heritage RESPs are flexible. Hit the pause button, change your contribution schedule, modify your unit count — we can customize your plan any time.
  2. Protect your savings. Heritage offers a low-cost insurance option that protects your investment. In the event of disability or death, your contributions continue to be made until your plan matures.
  3. Up to $7,200. This is the amount of Canada Education Savings Grant* (CESG) your child may be eligible to receive when you open an RESP.
  4. Easily transferable. Heritage allows you to transfer contributions from one child to another within the family or even choose another beneficiary.
  5. So many options. Heritage plans can assist students attending many types of post-secondary institutions. Whether your child wants to be an actor, a hairstylist or an engineer, money from an RESP can help get them where they want to go.

Stay tuned for more great content throughout the week!